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I’ve been playing with my cellphone, trying to capture interesting shots. I took both of these yesterday, and both are posted as-is, right out of the phone / camera. The first, was last nights stunning sunset. Even though it was fairly bright at sundown, I set the phone to low light to see what it did. The sunset is the result. It was a little dark, but I liked the colors.

The second image, I left the image on auto, no flash, and just moved the camera quickly as I snapped pictures. I thought this was pretty cool.

Just added a third. I thought the lines and lighting were interesting. (Bastian is getting more than his fair share in the spotlight)

18 responses to “Cell phone pics

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  1. Love the sunset! No matter how many I see, I am always in awe. :-)

  2. Well are we becoming the techno savvy pirate…good to see Bastian again.

  3. maybe the pirate tea has something to do with this. . .

  4. Beautiful!

  5. Wow, that FIRST one! Talk about Technicolor! Absolutely gorgeous shot, John! And I didn’t know Bastian had stripes. ;)

  6. He’s probably just been let out of the brig Corina

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