A friend, just passed   22 comments

We talked just days, before the day, that took you from our earth
I see your face and know your soul, remember best your mirth
Quick of wit and sharp of tongue, yet gentle was your soul
Children dear, with wife in love, ne’er wavered from your role

Worked and toiled, for all your life, yet loved your life on wheels
Two was all, to fill with joy, your bike your heart reveals
In saddle firm with miles quite long, your heart was filled with joy
Though long in years, and ill of health, your heart remained a boy

A moments fate, on distant road, and gone you are from us
Gone before the doctors seen, you would not see the fuss
But riding free, as soul is now, is where you want to be
Though gone from us in mortal coil, It’s nice to know your free

Loved ones smile, remember Art, and miss you something fierce
But ‘membered smile and charming wit, doth blackness quickly pierce
Light shines bright where feet have trod, for such is what you’ve left
Miss your smile, acerbic charm, our lives are left bereft

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22 responses to “A friend, just passed

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  1. Art is now riding without constraints my friend!

  2. I am sorry for your loss! Blessings for his journey!

  3. Sorry for your loss love.

  4. I’m sorry to hear it and hope you find some smiles in the days to come. *hugs* It was a beautiful tribute you wrote for him. I could tell it came straight from the heart.

  5. Dear friend I am sorry that you are experiencing lose and sadness with your friend’s passing. This was a beautiful tribute John and I am certain he heard it from your heart. I wish I could give you a hug…but I send you love and hugs and light across the sea.

  6. Hi John, I chanced upon your lovely tribute. Ay, Art was a friend. I worked with him, and a hard working lad he was–as well as a quick wit. Thank you very much for sharing your memories. Brought a huge smile to my face. Kay.

  7. Thanks for this – I was a Co-worker of Art’s and we do miss him here – you’re right on – he was pretty cool.

  8. A lovely tribute to a dear friend John. No doubt he’s smiling on you and enjoying your memories.

  9. John, I’m sorry to hear of your loss. Thank you for sharing your tribute to your friend Art, it shares him with us who didn’t have the chance as you did to know him. And while I did not know him, reading your words made me want to share this song with you for Art. For some reason it felt right, like you could see him on his bike. Hugs & light to you my friend.

  10. It’s been a while since the day, but I still miss you my friend. Fare thee well Art, and Godspeed.

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