Youth as shield, and sharpend blade   12 comments

Gentle child that sees this light, blossoms bright, in darkest night
This tender youth with eyes as soul, in starry night’s inverted bowl
Sees the source and whence it sprung, candle light, from heavens hung
Sense the waves from distant shore, crashing bright with spindrift’s roar

Standing still in surf of life, eddies strong, refuse to fight
Current draws this youth to deep, to dark and fearful place to weep
Yet youth stands firm against this pull, though young in years, her heart is full
Kindness dwells in pumping chest, as well as love in swelling breast

Woe to thee that cross her path, if evil planned, will face her wrath
Love is soft but edge can cleave, this blade she wields, in darkness reave
Tiny knight on battles field, childish heart refuse to yield
What power chose this little girl, to be the voice, this seas bright pearl

Cares she not, who chose this path, though toil be long, she feels no wrath
Friends and kin know not at all, this smiling child that hears the call
Laughter flows, and giggles too, she lives as child, but heart is true
Girded tight with purpose strong, yet plays as child, heart filled with song

Image borrowed from Google images

12 responses to “Youth as shield, and sharpend blade

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  1. As always, great. It’s nice to see you posting again. Hope things are going well.

    Brianna Soloski
  2. Ah, the beauty of an innocent heart. :-) This one gave me goosebumps.

  3. the ending left me with such a startling image – wow

  4. Such innocent, wonderful words to go with an equally neat picture. :) I could swear that child’s eyes are lavender!

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