Youth, as bright as sun   10 comments

Meteors, across these fields, as youthful arcs of light
Clashing swords and freedom yells, they laugh as well as fight
Bright as suns, their father’s sons, they hurtle through the sky
In children’s dreams and leaps of faith, they jump and learn to fly

With towels for capes and swords of wood, they play in forest dark
Though forest be but whim and dream, in dream ‘tis never stark
Filled with life and bright as they, with creatures real and fey
Climbing trees beyond their reach, they clutch with hand and sway

There is no life beyond their play, their world is only they
Others are but murmured sounds, adults are held at bay
Scream with life and joyful light, mischief is their realm
Knight themselves with words new found, wearing golden helm

Day is bright but brighter still, these boys who glow with life
Burning bright with thirst for joy, eyes gleam sharp as knife
Knowing naught but what is now, live years within this day
Never age beyond this time, as boys will ‘ever stay

Image borrowed from Google images

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10 responses to “Youth, as bright as sun

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  1. You have captured youth as it should be Cap’n. Full of imagination, wonderment and care free. The photo speaks volumes. Well done!

  2. Oh, the glory and sheer joy of childhood! Is it any wonder I’ve chosen to never truly grow up. Your words sum up my reasons for being so stubborn on that front.

    As always, you have your finger right on the pulse of truth and the emotions that go with it. :-)

  3. This was particularly pertinant for me with the 21st just behind me and my mind full of memories of The Son’s 21 years – love it Cap’n…

  4. Great poem, John! I remember those make-believe days well. Me and my cousin, Ed, were the bravest and toughest, Lone Ranger, Marshall Dillon, Roy Rogers, Paladin, etc., in the neighborhood. We gre up in the Texas panhandle; wasn’t many pirates!

  5. Truly touching piece, awesome write.

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