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I recently had the wonderful opportunity to be interviewed at the Poetry Palace, home of the Thursday Poets rally. It is a wonderful venue and community to share poetry, read the works of amazing writers, and post your poetry for others to read and enjoy. You can read the interview by simply clicking here.

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17 responses to “Pirate interview

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  1. What an excellent interview! I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and the pictures were great, too. :) So how does it feel to be in the limelight? ;)

  2. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog!Read your interview and felt like I was readng about myself.Well,mostly.haha!!I guess we all start with the hope that we become better and that we can reach people thru our words.So happy to have found you!

  3. Pictures and interviews – getting a bit famous there Cap’n…hehehe

    loved it

    Bastian looked so cute – but who was the dude in the hat ???

  4. Great interview! :-) You truly have a writer’s spirit. Your poetry is something I look forward to and your fiction gives my imagination a wonderful place to play.

    Thanks for the mention – that seriously made my day today. :-)

  5. Great interview. I enjoyed reading it and getting to know something more about you. Love your ship’s cat too :)

  6. well deserved interview and you are an inspiration to us,

    keep it up.

  7. Ha! We probably would recognise the legs. :) But I beleive (yes…still) that, that picture on the intertview page was, you walked up to some random college dude on spring break and said, “say cheese!” and it was him you uploaded. Hehe either that or you simply transform when you smile and have the cutest little baby cheeks that you never outgrew since babyhood. Could that be it?

    • It really is me. The image is a few years old, (4-5?), but it was the only image I had available that didn’t show me on the motorcycle, in dive gear, or in a group. Soooo…. you’re saying Pirates don’t age well? :-)

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