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Touch of hand, sweet caress, love yearns deep though young,
Words unspoke though heard  by heart,  by thoughts emotions sung.
Learning love at tender year, both scared but willing souls,
These feelings swell from childish breast, run as newborn foals.

This love be bright but lacks one thing, my soul that stands apart,
I feel their love but cannot share, for love stole others heart.
Never felt this love before, this love I won’t achieve,
Lessons learned will pass me by, its loss I fear to grieve.

Tender youth in loves embrace, they know not how I mourn,
Lost in love, their first it seems, my heart from body torn.
In crayon shades of red and black, I watch and mourn my loss,
For love in hand of others grip, ne’er know my heart they toss.

Though child I be, I wish them well, and hope their love endure,
It cuts me deep as ragged blade, though still I wish no cure.
For love is rare though pass me by, I pray their hearts entwine,
Though cry at night with ‘passioned pain, this love someday be mine.

Image borrowed from Google Images

123 responses to “Alone

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  1. This is a lovely line:

    Lost in love, their first it seems, my heart from body torn.

    You always do such an amazing job of creating emotions as they exist in different stages of life. Children feel emotions differently from adults and not every writer can express that, but you can and it literally takes me back to my own childhood. :-)

  2. Wow, I don’t even know what to say… you amaze me.

  3. You see that girl on the left? The one standing by herself? That’s me.

    the writ and the wrote
    • I’m with you on this one Bri. It may not be my gender, in this life anyway, but I’m the soul that stands alone also. I have a few years on you though, so I may be more comfortable with my solitude and lack of love in my life. The greatest thing about life is it always changes. Where you’re at today, isn’t where you’ll be tomorrow, or next year. Hang in there girl, change is on the horizon. :-)

  4. “Though cry at night with ‘passioned pain, this love someday be mine.”
    This line speaks to me vividly.
    Guess love’s quest may just keep some folks forever young at heart.
    Nice writing Cap’n.

    • Love, it’s passion, its memories and its hope always keeps me young. I look forward to ii when I don’t have it, enjoy it when I do, and remember it fondly when I don’t. :-)

      • I really like Ems statement about loves quest and I can only echo her in this. And your reply to her? Thats exactly how I feel, only I need to change one word, ” Solitude, I look forward to ii when I don’t have it, enjoy it when I do, and remember it fondly when I don’t.”

        I usualy like sad poems, but only when strangers write them. When it’s someone I care deeply about (you) it’s not so easy to enjoy the poem. If your heart hurts, so does mine. But the description as newborn foals… captured perfectly.

      • Rest easy Sara, it was a wee bit of a sad poem, but it was from a memory of my childhood, not a current state of affairs. My life is pretty wonderful right now. I’m enjoying my solitude, and simply living in the moment. (and Pirates have pretty good moments, I might add) :-)

      • ‘ceptin when the rum goes missin’ hey me mateys…

      • Aye, Cap’n, yer words in response are fittin ‘n match me own thoughts.
        Like yer comment as well MM, ‘n I be agreein’ wit Jo, bring on the rum, yo, ho, ho :-)

  5. The poem is wonderful, John! I read it before opening the image, and what a topper the pic is! A cherry on top of a beautiful write. I can remember situations like this as a child. So hard being the one alone and yearnig to be the one embraced. Great writing!

    My most recent entry:

    • Glad you enjoyed that. I like putting the image below the words, that way readers can see if the image in their mind matches the image I posted, rather than reading my words to see if they match the image. Yeah, I’m bad that way. :-)

  6. It’s hard sometimes – watching young love. I like my space – my being alone for the first time, yet when I see love, especially young love, a part of me mourns for the loss of my loves. That the promise that seemed so full of possibilites did not reach its potential. That’s what I see in this – a grief for what was not to be. You’ve underlined it so well – as per usual. I really love this – heartache always tugs at some part of me – great writing Cap’n. :)

    • We are twins in this Jo. :-) I’m at a solitary place in my life also, and ‘though I’m enjoying the freedom of walking around my Pirate ship wearing nothing but a parrot or staying up as late as I like, I still miss love and companionship. Seeing adults in love doesn’t tug at my heart as much as young love though. Probably because my self image is of a very young Pirate. :-)

  7. What a wonderful read on this blustery, rainy day. . .your words pierce the skin and envelope the soul my friend!

  8. Well done…I, too, read it before opening the picture…the emotion is amazing! You can feel the pain of loneliness and the joy for the young couple all at the same time. Very well written!

  9. ai, ai Jo, the Cap’n is resourcefull, probably has a scuba/still to make his own from coconuts with a little grinding wheel upon which the kitties tread round and round to grind the coco-meat to pulp.

    Capn, In dashboard/settings/discussion you might consider= raise the number of threaded (nested) comments. This will allow more replies to replies.

    • Awwwwwww – now I shall have trouble sleeping – imagining Lyra and Bastian with little blisters on their paws from the hard labour inflicted in the pursuit of keeping the Cap’n supplied and happy. Not good – not good. Kitty labour. Tsk, tsk…

      • au contraire, you use the carrot on a stick trick, only in this case it would be little fishies and mousies on a stick, dangling just out of reach.
        Or: Im sure pixies live on this vessel. Perhaps an empty rum bottle set on the mantle beside a plate of cookies would find itself full in the morning?

      • So long as he doesn’t have the fae to do his bidding, as they take a fearsome toll – first born sons. Bastian may find it a wee bit disagreeable to be taken to the other realm by a little naked lady with wings…

    • The only time I can get the kids to do what I want is to tell them, to do whatever they want. :-)

      Fixed the reply quantity, thanks Sara. You’re just a wealth of information, aren’t ya. :-)

  10. @jo no, but the Cap’n probably wouldnt mind that a bit. “to be taken to the other realm by a little pixie with wings…” hehe besides, I hear cats and fae don’t always see eye to eye. Somethin bout the winged ones being mistaken for interactive toys and crunchy treats by the furry gardians.
    What say the Cap’n? is it elves, pixies, or cat labor.

    • There definitely be pixies liv’n on me Pirate ship. Unfortunately, I can’t get the kids or the pixies to do anything but play and chase each other around the boat. The kids don’t seem interested, but if I leave a bot’le ‘o rum around and the corks not tight, the pixies will finish it for me. I doubt if they’d fill one up for me. Drunk pixies and crazy cats, it’s a tough life aboard.

    • As for the Cap’n going to the other realm – that would depend on his being a firstborn son. It would appear he has the required bits but are they the first bits to appear in his generation the fae would be asking…

      • Well, they wouldn’t be the first (middle of three), but they are awfully impressive bits. I think the Fey would be willing to make a concession for me. What realm wouldn’t want to have their own handsome, suave and debonair Pirate to call their own? I mean, they’re Fey, but they’re not crazy. :-)

  11. impressive they may be – but that’s not what counts me ol’ Cap’n – first is the only place to be, to be accepted by the fae…sorry, you’ll just have to find another source for tiny, winged, naked ladies…

    • You wouldn’t happen to have any on your side of the world, would you? ;-)

      • I saw some fairies once, but they were squished into a book. The book was called… squished fairies.

        • You are soooooooooooo funny. What about blended fairies – or – wait for (from of course my favourite show in the world) microwaved fairies. Yep it’s true – Dean fought off and then microwaved a little, hot, naked lady fairy.

          • ha! Also watched the next one, Sam says Im not supposed to laugh right?” Dean says, “it was a little naked lady…….hot.”

          • So Cap’n – still wanna go with the naked fairies after watching this ??? Huh ?? Huh ??

            • Oh absolutely! They may claw, they may bite, but they’re naked, they have wings, they glow in the dark… what’s not to like. Besides, didn’t he say they had nip… ,well you know. I’m a Pirate, you ‘must’ see the attraction. :-) I’m really try’n Jo, I just don’t see a down side to this.

              • You know what they do with the people they take don’t you ? They take them to…uh…um…service…Oberon, King of the Fairies. Still willing ??? To service…Oberon I mean.

                • If only I could post pictures into comments, I have the perfect picture of Oberon and a fairy. It would really be funny. You see jo and I are agents of the mermaids. They want to know why they arn’t good enough anymore. Consider carefully the microwave before answering. (their words, not mine)

                  “they glow in the dark.” hahaha

                  • Sara, Sara, Sara….. You’re think’n like a landlubber, not a Pirate. In the day to day world, either / or may hold sway, but not aboard the mighty Glenna Jane, or anywhere this Pirate goes. It’s a big boat and the Captain’s Quarters are quite spacious. Tell the mermaids they are welcome to join me and share me ship with the fairies. With enough rum, I think we can all find a way to get along. Oh, and since you see so much more of nature than most, if you come across any other female creatures with special attributes like wings, fins or other fey inclinations, tell ‘em to come aboard and join the party. Oh, and those that glow in the dark get ‘special’ consideration from the Cap’n. :-)

                • Jo, I’m willing to give my, umm… services to any deserving fairies I encounter, but ‘ol Oberon’s on his own. He may be a King, but I’m a Pirate Cap’n, and that’s a trump card in my book.

                  • Oh Sara – they mentioned the microwave….
                    Cap’n – King, King – Cap’n, Hmmmmmmmmmm
                    King comes out on top I believe.
                    In more ways than 1.
                    Hehehehehehehehehehehehehehe :) ;)

                    • @jo But what of the king of Cap’ns? :)
                      @Cap’n Assuming the mast is made of wood, I think I can get some dryads to move in. Hey, it had to be said. Im talking about the Fey here!

                      my laughter echos yours, hahahahaha

                    • Should check out what the mast is made of – seeing as the type of Dryad would depend on the wood.

  12. I’ll see what I can scrounge up…but I think here they wear jandals, eat hokey pokey ice-cream, and call everyone bro…

  13. Wow, this is amazing! So emotive and you have some great lines in there, “These feelings swell from childish breast, run as newborn foals”. Beautifully written :)

  14. This is totally amazing and I am left without words on this. It is hard to express all I feel in a few simple words. This is wonderful and so well done.

  15. deep and masterful words..

    happy rally.

  16. I am brand new to the Poet’s Rally, but I am lucky to have found you. I love the idea of running as foals. Feel free to visit my contribution at

  17. John, I came back to read this. It is really beautiful. To be young and in love is heaven isn’t it? I am also enjoying solitude at the moment. Years of working and raising a kid, I have earned it. I Liked the comment about about wearing nothing but a parrot! Very cool! Have a great day!

    • Thanks, always glad to go to my blog and see you’ve visited and commented. :-) To be young, or young at heart, and in love is truly a wonder. Yeah, about the parrot… :-) When I write, images form in my mind, sometimes normal, oft times a little, quirky. That image popped into my mind when replying, so I set it in print. I hope the mental image didn’t scar you. :-)

  18. your writing is deep and intelligent,

    thanks for the inspirations.
    have fun.

  19. Not much I can say about this piece that hasn’t already been said (I love reading all the crew’s comments, though, they make me grin!). It was well wrought, and perfectly captures those feelings of duality of wanting love with someone, but having to resign yourself to trying to be happy for them finding love at all, even if it isn’t with you. I’m glad to hear that you are mostly comfortable with your solitude, John. I think it takes a long time, and a strong soul to be able to get to that place.

    Now, as for you parading around wearing naught but a parrot, I have to say that methinks you need a parrot, first! The kids probably wouldn’t allow such a creature aboard (or at least, it probably wouldn’t last very long before becoming lunch). Since I don’t know how to get the videos to show up in a reply post here on the ship, I’ll send you the link to a pretty cute parrot – he (she) might just fit in on board! :)

    • *gasp* O_o it showed up!!

    • Oh bless you for finding this…perfect. But yep – the Cap’n’s kids – I don’t think so. You know why I love coming to this blog? It starts off all high brow and then rapidly ends up with Johnny D. bemoaning that the rum is gone, drunken pixies, hissing cats, naked fairies with nip…, well you know, and yo ho hoing parrots.
      What’s not to love !!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. High Brow, you sure you’ve got the right blog Jo? :-) That said though, you crew members do have a bad habit of quickly taking any conversations down into the bilges. Now, be’n the Cap’n an all, I feel it’s my duty to join in these wayward conversations, just to keep an eye on ‘em of course and ummm… keep the crew from harm. Oh, and I like a little yo ho, yo ho as well as the next Pirate, but I don’t allow any crew member, parrot or otherwise, to go hoing. :-)

  21. I have NO reply to this at the moment as I can’t control the laughter or the bladder it seems. :)

  22. yo ho yo ho! I love that parrot.

  23. I’m continuing a comment thread from a little ways back (Capt’ns/Kings/masts/wood/dryads and fey), but I thought I might run out of available space or allowable comments, so I’m restarting here.

    First and foremost, I LOVE MY CREW. :-) You are all, a never ending source of joy, amusement, humor and lurid allusions. You all enrich my life, including those few who are currently MIA, as I know they’ll be back when life allows.

    Sara, “king of Captains”, why that is just brilliant! (Jo, why didn’t you think of that?) Now, being a Pirate who buckles his swashes quite regularly, I think Dryads would be a welcome addition to the fun I’m planning aboard. Also, being a modern Pirate, my Pirate ship is a power boat, not a sailboat, and as such, does not have a mast. Here’s a picture of the Glenna Jane in all her Pirate glory..


    Never fear though, for though she may not have a mast, she is filled with solid teak on the inside, and all the floors are teak parquet. Here are a few interior shots…




    Sooo… do dryads like teak? :-)

    • Well, I will let you have your have your little illusion that this is in fact a modern and stunning, cozy boat, even though I know it is in reality a 3 masted galleon. By the way, whats the second phone for, is it the Bat-phone? are there more movies in the galley drawers?

      I think a dryad would be pleased.

      • My oh my – what a tidy wee Cap’n we have here. I’d like some clarifaction on the two phones as well sir…

      • @ Sara – methinks someone has been spiking the Cap’n’s rum – he is deluded and having disturbing visions – the poor man actually is of a mind that this boat is his pirate ship – when we all know that every great pirate has a ship with sails…

      • Well, you are are certainly a curious lot.

        Good point Sara. Under a full moon, with thick fog crawling over the hills of Point Loma behind me, she probably is a three masted Galleon. :-) As for the double phones you and dear Jo are inquiring about, the black one is a standard land line, like any non-Pirate would own. I don’t use that phone very much, that line is more apt to be used for the fax machine in my office. The other phone is an intercom. When the boat is under way, the Captain (yours truly) can contact any portion of the boat and speak to any of the crew without taking his hands off the helm.

        From the phone at the helm station, I can punch in the number of the part of the boat I want to talk to. That phone will buzz, which alerts the crew member to pick up the phone, and find out how much more rum I’m looking to have brought to me. There are phones in both staterooms, both heads (even when you’re taking care of business, I can talk with you), the galley (shown in the picture), the engine room and the lazarette.

        As for movies, there are well over 300 DVD’s tucked in various places on the boat. The Capt’n likes his movies. :-)

    • We may have to let the Dryads find other accommodation as technically a Dryad likes the oak – however there is another we could call upon – the HAMADRYADS – maybe…
      Perhaps it would be better to simply to not anger the mermaids any further and stick to them – after all:

      These are powerful beings with strong personalities. In various legends they cause storms, sink ships and drown the crews, cure illness, foretell the future and, of course, bewitch men.

      The origin of the mermaid reveals the source of their strength: they were goddesses – and important ones at that. In the oldest religions the creator god is usually a goddess. Later goddesses are often associated with fertility which is another form of the power of creation. Long before the theory of evolution, the ancient philosophers believed that life came from the sea. From the intersection of these two ideas we have Aphrodite and Venus. Goddesses of love, and therefore fertility and creation, they are also associated with the sea. ‘Aphrodite’ means foam-born (born from the foam of the ocean waves). Venus is often associated with the sea as in Botticelli’s famous picture “The Birth of Venus” which shows the goddess riding in a scalloped seashell. Do not let the title “goddess of love” fool you. Aphrodite was also called the goddess of Life-in-Death, and was said to be the oldest of the Fates and punisher of the sinful. She was frequently cruel, jealous and proud.

      (I pilfered this from the WWW)

      • Jo! WOW! Only here, and now would a video such as this make so much perfect sense. So fitting. Fantastic!

      • I agree with Sara, amazing video Jo, and your command of the WWW is nothing short of astounding. It surely must stand for Wonderfully Web-wise Woman. I’ve actually started to include you in my vernacular. When someone is able to find the absolute perfect tidbit of info from the web, or the most appropriate video/image, I say they’ve done a ‘Bryant’. :-)

        Oh, and on a more important note, I’ll cover my Pirate ship in Runes and chisel stone, if it will entice that mermaid aboard for just one evening. Jo, do you know where she hangs out? :-)

        • Mostly at her ancient kingdom of Innis nan Druidhneach, The Isle of Iona.

          • But can you hook me up, that’s the question.

            • We could try the following – A mermaid’s best friend is diamonds, gold, and maybe, if it’s a Pele you’re trying to impress, fire opals. Seamen for centuries have been wearing gold earrings so that if they fell overboard they could pay tribute to a merfish for saving their life. (Great white mermaids have been known to demand tribute.)

              What you need to do is find a likely beach, set up a table with a chair and gold framed mirror, mermaids are at least as vain as humans. Of course you want to cover the table with lace. The key item you need is a very special gold hairbrush studded with a few of her favorite rocks. Of course you need to provide her with an exquisite dinner, don’t bring her seafood; they eat it all the time. Try something like veal cordon bleu. Don’t forget the roses and chocolates with macadamia nut filling. Champagne might be nice also.

              • Your description reminded me of this image for some reason. I keep wanting to write a poem about it, but so far it eludes me.


                • perhaps now it will come to you…

                • Goodmorning! well, this image is intruiging. Perhaps she is going to do the other option: If one takes a certain knife and cuts away their own shadow from off their feet under the full moon, the shadow will be cut free taking with it the concience and mortality, leaving behind the flesh which can now live under the water amongst the sea folk in bliss forever. (the fisherman and his soul -Oscar Wilde)

                  Though this picture also has the making of a good story all its own. perhaps she wants to ride the horses of the sea spray as Alex of the black stalion did. Or perhaps she is Fey but switched at birth by a mean goblin, and now she is just a changling trapped out of her element.

    • Just had to say that The Glenna Jane is a truly BEAUTIFUL craft! But yeah, all that modern coolness has to be just a facade for the 3 masted galleon underneath. I’m sure pirates adore technology (owing to the sheer amount of movies and books seen in the pictures – HAHA Sara about the galley drawers – was wondering where the rest of the collection could possibly be!) – that being said, it’s so…er…”un-pirate-like” to have such a cool ship. I mean, you can’t very well go around yelling things like “Shiver me timbers!” if you don’t have proper timbers, can you? :P All kidding aside, though, it doesn’t surprise me in the least that you run such a tight ship and are so organized (packed, but organized). Thanks for sharing a peek into the dwelling of a “modern” pirate. :) Buddha’s guarding the rum, isn’t he?

      • “Buddha’s guarding the rum, isn’t he?”

        Why do you think he’s smiling? If you look at his right hand, he’s also telling me how many more I can have ‘one more’. The problem is, he’s always telling me I can have one more. :-)

  24. Throughout its history, Iona has been known to be a “thin place” where the veil between worlds can be traversed, a place where the sense of the sacred seems more pronounced than in more mundane parts of the world. Annwfn is the name of the Celtic Otherworld.

    • On a more serious note, I believe in the Fey, I sometimes sense the barriers between worlds thinning and relaxing, and the veil has parted for me several times in my life, allowing me a glimpse of worlds beyond mine. Magik and wonder are real, and I’ve had flowers open their eyes to wink at me, then fly away laughing at my befuddlement.

  25. Oh dear – that last line is a poem I fear, waiting to be born. I believe in the magic – felt it too often not to.

  26. Beautiful – love this line ” In crayon shades of red and black, I watch and mourn my loss” – fabulous emotion and visual imagery

  27. continued from above. Jo, its a must see movie! 12 year old Alex and an untamed angry stallion are the only two survivors of a ship sinking. They wash up on a deserted island. They learn to trust each other and bond deeply. Living for many months alone together. Its a beautifull film with a beautifull soundtrack. There are two famouse people in it that I can remember, Mickey Rooney? I think, and Terri Garr. Its based on a book by Walter Farley. 1979 the movie came out. I do hope you can see it. :) The boy first mounts the stallion by luring him into the water. It may be the best horse movie ever made.

    • @ Sara – Oh this really sounds like my cup of rum. Mickey Rooney – love that man…
      I love horse movies – Phar Lap, Sea Biscuit, National Velvet (Mickey again) and of course Black Beauty.
      Wonderful quote from the book – “…. there is no religion without love, and people may talk as much as they like about their religion, but if it does not teach them to be good and kind to man and beast, it is all a sham….”
      —Black Beauty, Chapter 13, last paragraph.

      But what a perfect place – an island, with a horse and a boy – ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh – awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

      Another wonderful horse movie – Hildalgo

      • Yup, I am familliar with every element within your comment. Your mission? Should you choose to accept it, watch the Black Stalion before September is over. :)

        • Wish we had Nteflix here – movies are so expensive and hard to get here. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr :(

          • what do you mean? oh because of the region code?

            • There are only a couple of place to get movies online – the amount is limited and they are expensive. Same goes for TV shows. Watching TBs for example – can’t do it until it is on TV over here, which is months behind USA – because we are in the wrong region. It is no wonder to me that people download illegally – when you can’t be up to date legally. NZ needs to get it’s act together and provide something so we are not always so far behind. Okay – enough ranting for tonight. ;)

  28. It took me awhile to make my way down here. I nearly forgot what I was about to say. I think it was something like “you’re a genius”. Perhaps someone else told you the same thing. Who knows? Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum!

  29. simply fantastic.

  30. Wonderful just wonderful :)

  31. OMG … I no longer know what I am commenting on … this list appeared almost endless. :)) Ah yes, the sadness and yearning of lost love … young love. Most excellent!

  32. Thanks! It is sad an painful, especially when you’re young. You’re also the most resilient then, and more able to love and learn, and move on. At that age, there are yet many loves to be. :-)

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