The struggle to grow up   41 comments

Bite of blade that cleaves the night,
Hollowed bones released to flight,
Rising swift from cage of thought,
Freedoms wings are sorely bought.

Released from past that others craft,
Eyes look back to shadowed shaft,
Blade of strength smite cloying hands,
That seek to hold in shifting sands.

What once were lessons eager learned,
Now are cages quickly spurned,
To grow from youth to standing proud,
One must drop their parent’s shroud.

Though meant for warmth it now constrains,
The winged soul, this flesh contains,
Keen edge of light grows quick it seems,
Split clouded youth from families seams.

Bird will fall at times quite far,
Still it reach adults bright star,
Lick its wounds as strive for best,
When battles won, returns to nest.

Image borrowed from Google Images

Thanks to Thursday Poets Rally for a wonderful venue, and for the kind readers who nominated me for this award!

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41 responses to “The struggle to grow up

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  1. Do we ever really ” drop their parent’s shroud.” We are cloaked in it for all our lives, we just learn to use it invisibly and take it out when we want it too… or it sneaks out when least we are looking.. we just feel that they stray far.. they are much closer than we think they are.

  2. You are absolutely correct, but that didn’t fit in my poem. :-)
    Thanks for reading and commenting!

  3. profound words.

    your words speak loud and with power.
    Thanks for linking to short story slam today.

  4. A bird’s life is perhaps the best mirror for the way humans are supposed to grow up.
    they born,they grow,they fly,they build their own families and life goes on.
    special emphasis on ‘fly’ part.thats one thing common with humans only,even if metaphorically.

    well done. :)

  5. I liked this very much. :-)

  6. I enjoyed reading this piece! Very nice! :-)

  7. “When battles won, returns to nest” What a happy way to leave your creation! The kid in us brings so much joy! Loved your poem! Ab. Fab!!!

  8. I like the poem but I can’t help feeling sad because of it.

    • Glad you enjoyed it Crayfish. Life can make you said, but also brings great joy. When we love, and are loved, there is great potential for both. Wouldn’t trade it though. :-)

  9. The inner child remains with us always. I loved the winged soul this flesh contains.

  10. Fantastic, as always. I’m in the midst of breaking through some old boundaries and defying all previously held perceptions about myself . . . this poem is very fitting for my current journey. Life can’t be about standing still and keeping with the status quo – we must grow or we will miss out on so much. Nicely written. :-)

    • Thanks C.B., and your comment is just as nicely written and on target. I won’t say how old I am (let’s just say I’m older than a really smooth Scotch :-)), but I’m still growing and still learning. My wings are wide, and I’m quite enjoying the view!

  11. It’s not easy to get the rhyming going like that. Great Job.

  12. Not easy perhaps, but is it worthy to do, or simply a play on words? I never plan anything in advance, so what comes out is as much a surprise to me as thee. :-)

  13. Again I am left with my mouth hanging open with your words, topic and the way you work them together! Fabulous!

    I nominated you for an award

    Thanks for your creativity!

  14. I love that first stanza just stunning. The image is quite provocative I do think children rebelling is an important part of gaining independence. I did as well but never in the way of doing something arbitrary like drugs or drinking or promiscuity I simply walked my own path even if it wasn’t at the time understood. I hope my daughter will be strong and independent but hopefully have some common sense lol

    • I understand you completely. :-) Although I was the middle of three boys, I was the child that caused my parents sleepless nights and the most concern. I was a pretty good little Pirate overall, but my thoughts, ideas and ambitions didn’t fit the mold the rest of my family was pressed from. My parents loved me though, and never forced me to conform, but they never stopped worrying either. I turned out as I did, as much by my own actions, as the love and support of my family. Parenting is the toughest job in the world, and while it’s also the most rewarding, the joys can be hard fought and painful. It’s easy to love something like great art or fabulous food. It’s very difficult to love something that has a mind of it’s own, and doesn’t think the way you do, and never will. Especially when that mind transcends from needing constant support, to wanting (and needing) to direct itself. Even so, I regret never having had the opportunity to experience that pain and joy.

  15. I finaly added the badge. Thank you @dragonkatet for designing it.

  16. This is really great… “Releases from past that others craft…” is ingenious, as not only do our parents and families create this “crafted past” we are supposed to mold ourselves into, but society, as well…and some of those lessons learned that have trapped us come for society, as well…fantastic job!

  17. ” Rising swift from cage of thought,
    Freedoms wings are sorely bought.”

    The struggle, lessons learned and prices paid during growing up … not easy, but immeasurable! Thank you for sharing!

  18. Wow. I loved this poem, Captain. The picture was like a sucker punch though! I did NOT expect that.

    • Yeah, I know. :-) I thought most readers would not like the image, but sometimes a shock or a surprise (and not always a good one) will stir the pot a little or get the creative mind flowing. I’m not even sure if “I” like the image, but it’s the one i picked after writing, so here it is. :-)

  19. This is great.
    I loved the first stanza – it resonated with the rebellious child I was (and still am).
    Rebellion is good for us – although the cost can be high.
    It cost me a lot – but …I would still take every step I did.
    Now, as a parent, I can also see the other side – one rebellious son has taught me what that is like. :)
    With my two – I like to see them fly free – it makes me feel I have done a good job to get them to the point where they can and do leave my protective sphere to try out live and find out what fits them.

  20. Thanks Jo! In the struggle to grow up, it’s definitely better to be the child growing up than the parent trying to teach. :-)

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  22. The greater part of “Me” is “Them”
    Longing to be a unique new “Me.”
    Individuality is novel, a powerful striving.
    Very often, if not always…
    That which is believed to be unique….
    That admirable trait is mimicked.
    Masses adopt the practice…
    It ceases to be unique…
    “Me” is no longer “Me”…
    Then “Me” becomes an ordinary “Them”

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