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Soft and sure these padded feet, that stalk within your home, though wild not upon bright fields, this creature never yields. Gentle seem with purr and rub, aloof it deigns to see, the hand that feeds and shows it love, a pet it ne’er be. Affection be a toy that plays, upon the strings of heart, of those that dwell with creature thus, your needs a minor part. Your purpose is, to play and entertain, to feed and show it love, while showing you disdain. It loves you sure, and glad to be, the cause of gentle stirrings, yet ne’er think you know its thoughts, because of deepest purrings.

Image borrowed from Goggle Images

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21 responses to “Little beast

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  1. WOW, See I knew I stayed up late blogging for a reason. It was worth it! This picture and ode is so right. When I check back in the morning there will be dozens of new comments on your bog to read.
    You know the one thing that boat life doesnt have? The sound of crickets. ok, that little comment had nothing to do with this post. What can I say… its well past bedtime. Goodnight Capn.

    • Glad you enjoyed that Sara, I was thinking you would enjoy it as I was hitting the submit button. Funny thing about the crickets, I was thinking about not hearing them, as I was walking on the docks one evening. Now, the only time I hear crickets is when I make an off the wall comment at dinner with friends, but the conversation does eventually begin again. :-)

      • I have a suggestion, if anyone has need…
        Crickets can be bought, oh yes indeed!
        Go find a bait shop, where streams run clear…
        See bunches chirping, plastic caged don’t fear.
        Take a box home, let ‘em sing through the night…
        And when they get out, don’t worry, they can’t bite.

  2. What an absolutely stunning picture! Your words match it purrrrrfectly (okay, I couldn’t resist). It’s so true, though – the cats are the owners. Speaking of, I just rescued a 5 week old tuxedo kitten from a storm drain on Monday night…I’m trying so hard to find him a good home and not adopt him (my other two are close to disowning me *sigh*)…but wow, it’s a losing battle, I think. :-/ I’m such a sucker for a tiny kitten.

    • I knew you were a sucker for a pretty face. So, what are you going to name it? :-)

      • Well, I had toyed with the idea of “Kismet” since that’s how he was found, but after living with him a few days, the devilish streak has taken over and so I decided to go with “Loki”. :) It fits him very well.

      • Ahhh, the Trickster. Names are powerful things though, and we tend to grow into that which others call us. Maybe you should rename him “mild manner cat that never causes us any trauma”. Sure, it’s a bit of a mouthful, but think of the peace and quiet you’ll have, vs Loki setting up residence and growing into his name. :-)

      • Hmmm…”mildmanneredcatthatnevercausesusanytrauma.” You are so right about the power of names. *grin* Well, what if I called him “Low-Key”?

      • BRILLIANT! I think we have a winner. Loki it is, but as Low-Key, he’ll never know. You do well when you can trick the Trickster. :-)

  3. “Dogs have masters and cats have staff!” … I am the head staffer to 9 and master to 3! However, I wouldn’t trade any of them – they are bundles of standoffish joy!!

  4. Here’s the best way to see the difference in dogs and cats minds. A dog sees that you feed it, care for it, love and protect it and thinks, “you must be a god”.

    A cat sees that you feed it, care for it, love and protect it and thinks, “I must be a god”. :-)

  5. My only question – why were Bastian and Lyra not part of this post Cap’n? If I were those two I’d be keelhauling you about now. :)

  6. Awesome post and stunning pic. I love your differentiation between dogs and cats. haha. I love dogs, but i don’t know cat. They are so full of themselves, anti-social, and unpredictatble. Don’t hate me, cat-lovers.

  7. Nice Emerald eyes on that cute little kitty!

    I don’t have a cat, but at least I can enjoy them when I visit and read your Cat World writing.

  8. Beautiful shot! I too love the eyes – and the words. I see lw4c was here first! Not surprising! :)

  9. little beasties. . .

  10. little buddies.

  11. Gasp, that image! I looked at my own sweet Edelweiss after I read your words and said, “YEAH, that’s YOU!”

    It’s okay though, because late at night, when she thinks I am asleep, I see her staring at me, then she lies down and wiggles into place, and puts one tiny white front paw in my open and outstretched hand. I’ll never let on that I know. She’s been doing that for 15 years now. :)

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