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Cold bright, this steel that gleams, dragons bane in dark of night, shining bright no mortal blade, it pierces heart since heavens made. For heaven sent is ne’er staid, bold it be as burnished sky, brandished quick but ne’er laid, too quick for mortal eye. It shines with light from deep within, to cut in anger, mortal sin, this blade be sharp, razor thin, it pierces not, angelic skin. Blade be forged in furnace hot, steam doth temper steel, but stronger still is hand that wields, this edge that be a seal, of honor bright and honor bound, upon this killing field. Darkness fears its biting edge, that cleaves this evil spawn, for light will spill from bleeding tip, as light doth free the dawn.

Image borrowed from Google Images

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21 responses to “Honor blade

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  1. I’m gonna ‘av ter walk de plank fer me words, aaarrrgh.

    Sorry Cap’n, like yer prose an’ all but fer de foist time, I must be sayin”bout yer photo (an’ it be mo’ a paintin’ in me eyes) : it be not ‘onorin’ yer words.

    E’en tho’ de eagle be soarin’ high an’ der be magic in dat unicorn’s horn…no steel doth shine from it fer me.

    I be lookin, an’ I be tinkin’ dem swords be made o’ stone for no sun doth they reflect. (Flowers, aye, but sun nay.)

    Aye, Cap’n beggin’ yer pahdon, Cap’n sir, coz’ I do like yer paintin’
    …and now, I be makin’ way for da plank.

    • If my crew can’t speak openly and honestly to their Cap’n, then they’re not really crew. Flattery is not welcome aboard this Pirate ship, only honest opinions and thoughts. If you like something in or about my post, I’m grateful if you share it. Just as welcome, and I’m just as grateful for, opinions and thoughts about what you don’t like and what could be different. It doesn’t mean I’m going to do anything about your suggestions, either way, but I do look forward to your honest opinions. Remember friends, you’re crew not passengers. :-)

      • Aye, Cap’n many tanks…and as fo’ flattery:
        ye do make a right nice cuppa pirate tea…:-D

        An’ I be stealin’ yer words agin for me own blog. Aaarrrr!

      • Aw, shucks Cap’n. ‘n ‘ere I was worryin’ me ‘ead ’bout walkin’ dat der plank.

        PS: Like Spock, I can only point out what I see.
        Then it’s for the Cap’n to set his cap after considering all angles.
        The image you chose merits your prose and the prose you wrote merits the new image.
        Well done, Cap’n! Aye, well done indeed :-D

  2. Aye, I have to say, Emanita nailed it! She’s right, the light is all wrong (does it look artificial/fluorescent to anyone else?)…which is odd, because it has an impressionistic feel, and impressionism is all about light and how it works. The swords don’t reflect! I like centaurs, unicorns, falconry and the things present in this piece of art, but John, your words paint a *much* better picture. I don’t think walkin’ the plank be a fitting response for honesty nor a perception to match the edge of the blade the Cap’n wrote about, but that’s just my two galleons. ;)

  3. Ahh, well … I will venture into giving my two cents … the compelling prose could certainly stand alone, John … but I do like the image accompanying the piece … looking up from the ground … the “blinding” light of the steel, the steed, the reflection … the powerful images …

    I also like: “It shines with light from deep within, to cut in anger, mortal sin, this blade be sharp, razor thin, it pierces not, angelic skin.”

    I have been away, and have missed reading your posts! Have a blessed weekend.

  4. Your prose doesn’t always need a picture. The mind can often conjure up a reality no picture can match.

  5. I just changed the image, it should show a single sword now. Is this a better match, or should I keep looking?

  6. well Im too late to see what picture used to be here. I like the one I see, though. I like how light will spill from bleeding tip.

  7. Thanks Sara, you make an excellent point, I should have left the original up so everyone could see it. I’ve re-posted it for those that missed it.

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  9. That’s quite the sword. If I was the evil-doer I would quake, in fear, at the site of this noble pirates sword. The war within could be truly won with a slice of this blade to release heavens light within.

  10. Au – the age old question – image or no image. In this case I like the image. Most of the time I don’t use an image. I look for one, but find that most of the limit what I write and don’t add anything. I recently wrote a piece about running a marathon and simply added an image of a path with no people.

    I really enjoy the way you write Captain.

  11. The Gilded Sword…
    You chose well my Captain!
    With honor it loudly rings
    Glowing pure, true and bright..
    The Edge is sharpened in the Light-of-Right!

    • Every time I read your words, it makes me glad you found my pages. :-)

      • Captain….

        Here we have a fabulous…
        Symbiotic Relationship…
        What ever it is we seek…
        it is found sweetly mingled…
        among many poets pages…
        what has been written…
        it now spans the globe…
        touching people in ways never imagined…
        I am quietly spellbound…
        by all that you write…

  12. Yes, I like this image better. :) I would’ve sought some for you, but can’t seem to get them to post on your lovely blog, so I’d have to link the urls. Anyway, no need, as you’ve found a good one!

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