To sleep, perchance to dream…   88 comments

…for there be dreams that dwell with this cage of bone, beating fierce within this night. Souls be sundered, they walk within my dreams. Separate lives, yet we are one, who walk this path tonight. Strange creatures here there be, ‘though familiar do they seem, for they are I, and I be they, but for this space in time. Verdant paths and desert winds are twin yet seldom joined. They that can not be, rise living within each breath. Turn I do, and toss upon these sheets, of silken cloth and wrinkled dreams, that transport to distant lands. Open eyes but waking not, I shift from land to sea. On shifting deck with snapping sails, I sense a distant shore. Light blooms above the sea, with noise and irritation. Rising up, I shuck the night, and see that dawn has come, and with it… waking and the day.

Image borrowed from Google Images

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88 responses to “To sleep, perchance to dream…

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  1. That is one awesome photo!

    the writ and the wrote
  2. Blown away by both image and words. ;)

  3. Just had to say I saw my name on your blog roll for the first time and got a wee thrill – as I get older (yawn) I take greater pleasure in the smaller achievements that occur. :) :)

  4. The tempest roars in the nights sleep, to be calmed again when the day blooms. Fear not sailor, for the shore is nigh and safety but a stones toss away.

    Captain William Kidd
  5. Glad you all enjoyed the image as much as I did. Jo, it’s a place of honor, and you hold it well. :-)

    I really love this kind of post, where I start typing without thinking about it, and hit submit without reading it (although I do have a vague sense of what I’m typing as I do it). Since these are usually late at night, I’m always amazed when I read it the next morning, essentially for the first time. Damn, this writing thing is fun. :-)

  6. Borrowing from @writ This post is another one of those two edged swords. I loved it!!!

    When I read these kinds of posts, the narration voice in my mind always sounds a bit like ‘Justin Hayword’ from the 1967 Days of future past album. Moody blues. The album ends with a poem:

    Cold hearted orb that rules the night,
    Removes the colours from our sight.
    Red is grey and yellow white.
    But we decide which is right.
    And which is an illusion.

    • We are twins it seems, that excerpt you posted has been ambling about inside my skull for about a month now, popping up behind my eyes to be illuminated and read several times a day. Not sure why it’s been there, but it’s funny you mentioned it here. :-)

      • ah well you see, Its been about a month that I have been also thinking of this ‘little ditty’ every time I visit your blog, I have ‘thunk’ it about you.

        Perhaps you are an empathic detective? I will wear my tinfoil hat if my mind powers distract you. heheh.

    • Emphatic defective? Why you hit the nail on the head with that ‘lil missive. :-) That bit of the Moody is seared within my brain, I find it’s memorized, and speak it softly to myself several times throughout my day for some bizarre reason. It resonates with me though. Funny, I read what I write, and that poem pops into my head also. Maybe it’s the cadence.

      You have tinfoil hats? Me to!! Do you prefer the close “fit the skull” thing, or do you prefer a pointed top. I’m kinda partial to points myself.

    • Hey catgirlsarawonderwoman, just listened to the Moody Blues, Nights in White Satin and Om again. I am even more honored by your comments, if that’s possible.

      • (smiles to self) Yes this ‘old girl’ has still got it! But really I bet every true Moody fan out there has got this poem permanently echoing in their mind. Its a powerfull work and one of the few albums I have never grown tierd of. Though I have listened often in many years.

  7. I will. I need to write it first. Perhaps I will post over the weekend.

    the writ and the wrote
  8. Being as I am a fan of both Errol Flyn and traditional archery.. The points suit as they help with aiming. :) Plus they double as sailboats for mice.

  9. What a fantastic image and the way you envelope the viewer, placing us within its tempest turmoil is simply amazing!

    A dream, a ship on the sea…
    brutish, forceful winds shred sail and timber.
    Gulls fight for flight above a grove of sinking mast.
    All hands on deck, man the oars…
    this dream must reach awakening on clam distant shore.

  10. Thanks Gary, I always look forward to and enjoy, your take on the images I post. I actually never saw the gulls in the image until you mentioned them. :-)

  11. John, i almost cried when i read this post. You rock! Your writing is powerful, poetic, and dreamy. Your world is precious and vivid. Your words are beyond creativity.

  12. Thank you, sincerely, for your kind words. It’s humbling to know, my words can stir such emotion.

  13. Woooooooow!
    Awesome writing and no words to describe the picture. is it a painting? Did you paint it?

  14. It is an image I found on the internet, many, many years ago.

  15. I am a Shakespeare fan; naturally the title drew me in. I enjoy your writing (I believe it is verse, correct?) and the heavy iambic feel it has.

    • I’ve been told it is verse, so I defer to wiser minds than I. Iambic? No idea what that is, sounds like something that requires Pasteur’s cure to rid it from the body. Is it catching? :-)

      • the writ and the wrote
      • I took a peek at the wikipedia definition and studied for a few moments. It is amazing how poetry can be melted down into something complex and in need of a dictionary to make sense of it all. Like the human body, I don’t have to understand cell structure to find the beauty in life. Each human life unique, regardless of who mixed the DNA.
        I like to follow rules, I’m not a rebel, but prefer to keep it simple with my writing.
        I’ll avoid the book and just be me….

      • @RWJ: Pirate in herb’s over here ROTFL her AO. Whew! That was funny ;-)
        @Gary: That’s the way, uh, huh, uh, huh, we like you, uh, huh, uh, huh.
        That’s the way , uh, huh, uh huh, WE LIKE YOU!
        Oh, we do, we do, we do :-)

        Now, for your to figure out the name of the song or group who sang it and then, not related, the name of the movie.

    • I am ashamed to say, I knew the song also from what was given (I feel SO dirty) :-)
      70′s…. get thee behind me and get thee gone. :-)

  16. Gary, I firmly believe that writing, whether poetry or prose, needs to come from the heart. I only posted that link because iambic can be somewhat hard to explain and I knew Wikipedia could do a better job than I.

    the writ and the wrote
  17. @Emanita01

    KC & The Sunshine Band

    Didn’t know they had a movie too

    • @Gary: 1 out of 2, not bad :-D

      But I DID write that the two enigmas (song to guess and name of movie to guess) were”not related.

      Here’s a new clue for the second one:
      “I do believe in…, I do, I do, I do…”

      Feel like having another go?

  18. @ the writ and the wrote

    Oh I hope it did not appear that I was bashing book learning. Never have I taken the time to understand the mechanics of poetry and I still believe it is much too complex. When ever I am introduced to a recipe for good writing I have these PTSD episodes where I am sitting in a class room with a dunce cap on my head and being forced to write another boring essay before I leave for home.

    • Oh goodness! Not at all. I’m just learning about poetry myself. I’ve been a fiction writer my whole life, but recently started attending a poetry workshop, which has inspired a whole new world in me. If you want to check out some rad slam poetry, look up Rudy Francisco on YouTube and listen to him. He’s amazing. My favorite is “Scars” but they are all great.

      the writ and the wrote
    • 0Gary and his PTSD episodes: ROTFLMAO at he imagery provoked by them dere words Whew! Let me catch my breath ;-D

  19. Pingback: On Writing From The Heart | Fodder4Thought

  20. @the wit and the wrote:
    There’s a treasure map for you to follow in seeking out and finding Jo Bryant’s blog.

    Golden nuggets await you in the form of poetic “guidelines” –for I’m a pirate in herb and dun wanna be usin’ de words “rules” ‘ere– Saavy?
    Seek and enjoy ;-)

  21. I wish I could talk pirate like the rest of you – damn. I spent too many years learning the English…
    ;( :(

  22. A dash of education is needed here, from any one of the Eagles I fly with…

    I know what a Pirate is…
    and I know that herbs can make a meal taste great!

    How is that a Pirate ends up in Herbs?

    Better put…what is a Herb when used in the context associated with a Pirate?

    Thank you in advance for the schoolin’

    • @Gary and RWJ:

      RE: “Pirate in herb”
      While some perhaps may consider it a tasty idea for a recipe, or poem for that matter :-),
      it is actually what happens when this “budding” pirate’s in bad need of either sleep, coffee or pirate tea (and or all three).
      Me muses give up the battle and the French “pirate en herbe” finds itself neatly nestled , albeit disguised, in an English “pirate in herb” context. Yet, notice please, even when tired the pirate in me still wins out for the French was cleverly hidden!

      Once I coined “noncomprehending”, adding a bit of Spanish flavor as well…LOL.

  23. @Emanita01:

    I’ll have to pass on figuring out that movie, I draw a blank.

    And, like being able to solicit a ROTFLMAO moment.

    So glad I am able to utilize my PTSD condition in such a positive way!

    • Ok, could’ve sworn I’d wriiten “Wizard of Oz” right here, but don’t see it posted. Hmmm, now would ye be ‘avin a gremlin or to aboard yer ship capitain RWJ?

  24. See, that’s the difference between Pirates and regular folk, we don’t even need to know about dem stink’n rules to break ‘em. Arrhh.. I been break’n rules dey ain’t e’ven made yet.

    Gary, ya be beat’n me to the punch thar matey. That herb question, it be giv’n me ‘ol Pirate head an ache’n also.

    Your PTSD comment gave me a BMPLOTD moment also, thanks! (Bang’n Me Peg Leg On The Deck)

    Ohh… the movie, Oz?

  25. Oh, and what are all you crazy people doing on my blog while I’m sleeping? Don’t you people have lives :-)

    • Hmmm, I must be in another natural altered state from all the laughter we’ve been sharing it’s made me streamline connections to my favorite films and animated buddies.

      Reading above, all I can hear is the intonation off Shrek’s voice when he says: “WHAT are you doing in my swamp?

      No, don’t get me wrong, I would NEVER refer to your place…LOL

    • No sleep. Sleep is over-rated.

      the writ and the wrote
      • Well….. I was going to say some other wise-guy Pirate comment before it dawned on me. The name of the post is To Sleep, perchance to dream. I may be complaining, but at least I’m on topic. :-)

  26. @ RoughWaterJohn…

    shhh, we’ll try to type softly during that beauty sleep

    and I simply enjoyed your texting short-hand BMPLONTD

    It had me GOMKDOMC:

    (Giggling Over My Keyboard Drooling On My Chin)

  27. The Pirate part of me says they’re called Arrrr..cronyms. :-)

  28. Topic, schmopic. I want to know what I have to do to get 20+ comments on a post?

    the writ and the wrote
    • Hmmm, writing 20+
      where 50+ nigh 60+ is called for …hmmm…that gives me fresh Fodder4Thought

      Oooooh….a twinge of good-hearted green eye here fudging up awesome records ….or, a serious math-related issue…or, perhaps it REALLY was 20+ when ye last glanced…LOL

      And, what to do, ask to be reborn as RoughWaterJohn in the next life. AAARRR, take what you can, give nothing back!

      • You’re right. Clearly a math issue. There ARE 60+ comments on this post.

        Do you feel like one of the cool kids on the playground, John?

        the writ and the wrote
    • Actually, I feel like the new kid in school who was afraid he would never get to know anyone, but by the end of his first week, realized he had made friends easily and in great number. He was very pleased to call this new place home, and grateful for the friends who filled his life.

  29. Well first, you’re going to need to get yourself some Pirate clothes. Pick up a bottle of Pirate tea at the nearest port. Put on the clothes, drink the tea, drink more tea, then write the first thing that comes into your mind (besides, where can I get more of this tea). Oh, I almost forgot the most important thing, pay them under the table. By the way, did you get that check I sent? :-)

    All kidding aside (well, not ALL kidding, just the preceding kidding), I have absolutely no idea. This blog has taken on a life of it’s own and seems to be a gathering place for some of the most amazing people I’ve never actually met. How or why it happened I haven’t a clue, but I’m grateful for the passage of so many wonderful people through my words.

    • Ha! The check is in the mail? I’ve heard that line before. Just the other day, in fact, when there was a glimmer of hope that I might get paid for a tiny portion of what I do. I fear that hope has been shattered, though, due to my overzealousness in being willing to do things for no money.

      the writ and the wrote
    • ROTFLMAOACCMB.TT…whew! Pant, pant, I do so love to laugh :-D

      PS: ACCMBTT = and can’t catch my breath this time ;-D

  30. The comments on this post seem to be bouncing in perpetual motion. Now that’s pretty cool!

  31. And they say there’s no such thing as perpetual motion. Obviously, they’ve never been on a Pirate ship, or had such an amazing crew. :-)

    • NICE! That had me CWLAU*
      *choking while laughing aloud uncontrollably
      Thanks for sharing that, Sara :-D

      It shall be promptly pilfered, in part, and placed on my blog!

  32. good old popular John. Wow, you have reached comment #78. On top of that, my mailbox has been spammed with your charm, blame on you! (giggles)
    Hands down, you are the most amazing pirate i’ve ever been subscribed to

    • “…Hands down, you are the most amazing pirate i’ve ever been subscribed to”

      That’s an easy honor to accept, since I’m probably the ‘only’ Pirate you’re subscribed to. :-)

  33. Yes, but where’s the RUM? ;)

  34. elegant, thanks for sharing…

  35. Thanks J! :-)

  36. Hello Pirate, I just adore the photo that goes with your amazing words of a night at sea.

  37. It is an amazing image, I quite agree! Thanks. :-)

  38. Wow gorgeous photo and stunning poem to compliment

  39. Why did this remind me of Shakespeare, especially the title?

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