A Pirate’s life for me   26 comments

It seems I have visitors from a veritable cornucopia of destinations around the world. Sadly, many of you are not Pirates. :-) I thought I would share a little of what the Pirate life looks like in my beautiful city.

My Pirate Town

The Pirate that is RoughWaterJohn

Pirate Transportation

Pirate Crew

We now return you to your regularly scheduled life, already in progress……


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26 responses to “A Pirate’s life for me

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  1. This insight into a pirate’s life – well thought out. The photo of you in the water has an etheral feel to it, appearing still but still in motion. Love it. Thank you for sharing this.

    • Hi Jo, glad you enjoyed it. That photo is one of my favorites also, for the same reason. Don’t forget, I put a few cat photos in there for ya also. ;-)

      • I saw that. How did they get their names? Is Lyra from the ‘Golden Compass’? What type of cats are they? Bastian has that look in his eye I know well – from my own wee trouble maker. There are days i wish I were on a boat so i could make him walk the plank :) :)

        • Lyra is indeed from the Golden Compass, loved the books and knew I would name a cat after her. I read the books many years before deciding to bring a cat into my life. Bastian is from The Never Ending Story, for similar reasons. Lyra is a 7 year old female Russian Blue. Bastian is a 3 year old male black domestic short hair. He definitely has “that” look in his eyes often, and it almost inevitably leads to mischief. I really like your walk the plank suggestion. :-)

      • Now I like the names even more. I recently reread the Philip Pullman books – much better than the movie. The only thing I liked in the movie was Sam Elliott’s laconic ‘Lee Scoresby’ portrayal.

        At least they look as if they get along. The cats I mean.

        My 2 – grr :( always scrapping.

        Can I perhaps post Charlie to you – then you can make him walk the plank for me> ;)

        • Feel free to post Charlie or e-mail his pic, if he needs plank walking. I’ll buckle his swash before he realizes what’s happening. :-) The books really were much better than the movie, although the movie was, good. I’ve read the books many times, and they’re one of many books on my Ipod.

  2. Hey, Is the BMW a 1200? I looked at a 1200 that had a 5 cd changer. But $25,000 was to much for a bike in my mind. Nice bike though. I always liked BMWs.

    Captain William Kidd
  3. hmm well since I had elevated you in my minds eye to the level of sage, I never would have actively sought out to see a pic of you. (So as not to shatter my imaginngs with reality) But gladly my imagining did not shatter and I am left only more intriged than before.

    I have not yet owned a bike. My hubby and I were just about to spring for two on-off road BMWs last year. But his shoulder sugery postponed that plan. Maybe soon though. :)

    I loved the pic with the ducks. The cats look so interested and the ducks so oblivious. Bastian always has that suave look doesnt he? Even puts a strange tilt to his ear for extra effect. I bet he misses nothing that makes a sound on your ship.

    • This may seem funny, but I thought quite awhile before posting any pics, not because of being thought a sage (although thanks for that!), but because I did feel people might be imagining an image in their mind, and the reality might ruin it for them. :-) In the end, I decided to damn the torpedoes, and post, assuming whatever happened would happen. Some might see it as an intrusion into their image of who I am, others might enjoy putting a life to a name.

      Glad you liked the image, the ducks were there for 20 minutes or so, and seemed completely oblivious the entire time. They were never in harms way though, as I trained the kids early on to never leave the boat. They have free reign all day and until about 10:00PM or so when I close the Pirate ship down, but they hang out on the deck, climb onto the salon roof or on top of the pilothouse. I even have a picture of Bastian sitting on top of the radar arch (something he likes to do late at night), which is as high as you can go on my boat. Good kids though, they never get down onto the steps leading up to the deck or onto the dock.

  4. I’ll need an address to send that photo – oh the thought of him being ceremoniously made to walk the plank – it gladdens me !!!!! Or there are a few photos on the blog you can take – just take a picture of you doing it PLEASE. ;)

  5. Awesome photos, especially like to one of your cats peering over the railing and drooling over the thought….

    Says one kitty to the next…How ’bout Duck ala Ronge?

  6. Damn good lookin’ pirate. A poet-pirate-biker dude. You are interesting, friend. Thanks for your musings. I do enjoy them very much.

  7. Surely you mean the crew and not their scruffy Cap’n, for they are truly a good look’n bunch. :-) Very glad you enjoy my words, thank you for visiting and sharing your thoughts!

    “poet-pirate-biker-dude”… I LIKE that.

  8. I dub thee: PPBD

  9. okay…good looker.

  10. Late too join the tour but I must say I like a lot o’ what I see but it’s the gentleness of the Cap’n’s hands that draws comment from me…
    and as for acronyms, can I play along with pirate_poet_diver_biker_”tea-drinkin’ “_dude?


    Spock sees: P-squared DBT D-squared

    Or, maybe since tea-drinkin’ could be consideredas a given, could it be: pirate_poet_biker_diver_dude?

    P2BD2 (Hey, this one rhymes = P two be D two or P too be D too or P too be D two or P two be D too!)

    Then there’s 2PB2D…

    P-squared B D-squared says Spock.

    Eh, er Cap’n, yer be explainin’ me puhl-lease ‘ow’s it dat ya be writin’ pirate transportation be yer bike ? Nice it may be but…

    Most illogical , Captain -^ (symbol 4 a raised eyebrow..LOL)

    Beggin’ yer pahdon n’ all Cap’n but pirate transportation dat don’t be ‘onorin’ yer ship, seems pretty fishy to me eyes it does! Aaarrr!

    Being silly. Time to post the sign: Gone Sleeping :-D

  11. I must jump in here, like a cat playing with magnetic fridge letters all a flying! if you do say P2BD2 then your spock will be moving away from the enterprise and entering The land of George Lucas with an R2D2 in response.

    Its a piratey statement U C since A BMW is a flamboyant ride which flies in the face of the mere more comon Harley. Very Dashing and Debonair in piratey style. Thats DDPS to you and me.

    • Hey Sara, by all means do jump, do jump! We can clean up the magnets later :-)

      I knew someone would notice the R2D2 theme BUT it’s not intentional! I just couldn’t get the exponents to take their rightful places. It’s supposed to look like a mathematical or scientific expression (that’s why I wrote squared)

      While I did enjoy Star Wars, I’ll be a trekkie till I drop!

      Bking is an all time favorite of mine as is diving (however, I’ve never made the step to “manning” one and so have remained a second to the bike’s Cap’n as well).

      However, I’m a tad bit stubborn about pirates, water n their ships. GRRRRRRRR!!!! Aaaarrrrgh!

    • I like the way you think Sara. :-)

  12. I hadn’t gotten to this one yet, but noticed the activity on the sidebar and thought I would check it out. I’m so glad I did. :) It is an honor to be able to put a life and face with the name, Captain. I like all of the pictures you posted, but I think I like the last one the best – I like the stripe shadows on Lyra and how they are echoed in the blinds behind her! Good composition! I also noticed on a mouse-over of the picture that you used an Olympus camera. :) My dad gave me an Olympus 35mm and I adore the pictures it takes! Of course, it’s getting harder and more expensive to even find film anymore, but the results are worth it, in my opinion. I know the latest digital cameras supposedly take pictures just as good, but it’s not the same…kind of like…well, the difference in reading a paper book and an e-book. It loses something of its “soul” when it’s digitized.

    • I prefer the warmth of film also, but this particular camera was, and is, my first and only digital camera. I used film cameras before, for the same reasons you mentioned, but I primarily used my camera for underwater photos, and with turbulence, back-scatter and the incredible swiftness of the sea’s denizens, I ended up with a lot of pictures of cloudy water and fish butts. Film was really expensive for the few shots I deemed worthy. With digital, I could take 100′s of pictures underwater, and delete what I didn’t like. Economy over quality unfortunately. :-)

  13. Not that I’ve had some sleep, I must laugh at what I’ve written about the Cap’n’s hands…not because I wrote what I wrote, only because what I wrote’s as clear as mud…LOL.

    Ok, whew, now that I’ve caught my breath…Aftre seeing the most impressive photo of our Cap’n decked out in his diving gear, I came to the second photo of our dashing Cap’n in his riding gear. While there were quite a few details about Cap’n that caught my eye and attention…my eyes were ALSO…(LOL, personal joke here) drawn to his hands.

    And I smiled because, speaking of a perfect match between words and imagery…it’s no wonder to me that those be the hands that share with us our Cap’n’s poetry.

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